ESR Person Update

Person Update Capability

The Person Update capability allows changes captured within ESR for hired Doctors in Training to transfer into TIS. The types of information shared includes:

  • Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • NINO
  • Telephone Numbers (Home & Mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Addresses

With the rollout of the Person Update Capability now complete in England (February 2021), the full interface offering is available to all those Trusts live on the interface. There are currently 191 Trusts operating the interface across England and Wales.

As part of this interface flow, information will transfer on a daily basis, keeping HEE and ESR in line with one another. It is important to highlight that this transfer is only relevant to paying or lead employers. Changes from Host Employers made to honorary records within ESR are not transferred to TIS, as the Lead Employer record is viewed as the master within ESR.

Supporting Information for Person Update Functionality

NHS Organisations are encouraged to make full use of the interface and contribute to effective data transfer within and between employing organisations as trainees rotate. Support on using the interface is available from both your local HEE Office and your ESR Functional Account Manager. To maximise the use of the interface it is important to ensure:

  • Robust maintenance of ESR Workstructures
  • If a training post is withdrawn or the DPN is changed, this should be reflected in your ESR workstructures, so that updates passed to TIS reflect the changes for trainees associated with those posts.
  • Furthermore, if a trainee is no longer actively employed within a training position, their position data should reflect this, so that the data is not incorrectly shared with TIS.
  • Ensure to add all posts and assign ESR Position. Please be aware the posts that are not included will not flow to TIS via the inbound and outbound data flows.

How the updates flow into Trainee Information systems (TIS)

Trainees that are actively employed within an NHS Organisation where the interface is deployed, (and they have a Deanery Post Number assigned to their ESR Position records), will be included in the extract produced from ESR and shared with TIS for update on a daily basis. The information shared relates to personal details about the trainee, such as Name, Address and other data items, which may be managed by the employer’s HR team or directly by the employee through ESR Self Service.

Impact of Incorrect Information

As Data Controllers for ESR Data, NHS Organisations are reminded of their responsibility to ensure that information held within the system is correct and up to date.

The interface process between ESR and TIS highlights the information managed within both systems. Data quality issues can be identified, using reports, and may be addressed easily within ESR. Following the deployment of the ESR Person Update capability in October, failure to manage trainee data in ESR will result in incorrect information being passed to TIS. Not only will poor data quality hinder local HEE officers managing the trainee’s record, it could also impact future employers of the trainee as they will receive incorrect information within the applicant record. Poor data may have further implications when HEE launches the Trainee self-service (currently planned for 2021) as trainees will be presented with incorrect data.

Importance of ESR Self-Service for Trainee Data Management

As set out above it is vital that data against the trainee is recorded accurately within ESR. This can be achieved by either the trainee notifying current employers of changes or more simply by granting trainees access to ESR Self-Service. Trainees may then simply maintain their own record and update it in the relevant circumstances. It is therefore considered important for all trainees to have access to ESR self-service from Applicant stage, so that they can initially access the applicant dashboard, and also be encouraged to subsequently keep their ESR self-service employee record updated.

Please contact your Local HEE offices for any questions regarding the above or alternatively contact the TIS team

National Processes

HEE have been working with ESR to ensure that there is national consistency with the management of the interface. Currently there has been some discussions to develop the following processes:

  • Post management (creation of new and changes to existing posts), communications to Employers
  • Trust Mergers (and impact/implications of ESR/TIS Post management
  • TIS Placement Type updates
  • Employer ESR-TIS Interface continued engagement

As we advance the processes we will upload into shared area