ESR Interface

We have been working closely with the NHS ESR Central Team to develop the Doctors in Training Interface between TIS and ESR. This Interface transmits a trainee data to Trust ESR systems. The ESR Person Update Capability (see Quick Links) is new functionality that was released in 2020 which transmits ESR data back into TIS.

The ESR Interface enables Trusts to receive data on trainees up to 12 weeks before the doctor in training starts their rotation at the Trust, and it also provides notifications via ESR reporting of any changes to the planned rotation after the 12-week period.

Briefly, the benefits of the ESR Interface and Person Update Capability are:

  • Supporting Code of Practice monitoring as data about trainee rotations is seamlessly transferred to Trust ESR systems.
  • Transfer of trainee doctor’s applicant record into ESR from TIS for both Lead and Host Employers – including new starters and internal rotations.
  • Trust receives full rotation notifications improving management of data changes accessed via ESR notifications.
  • Information flows will be improved alongside data accuracy, confidence and standards. The flow of data from TIS to Trust ESR systems and from Trust ESR to TIS will lead to data being harmonised.
  • Personal and post information passes automatically from TIS to ESR to create an applicant record and subsequently (when hired) an employment one. This reduces / eliminates re-keying of data into ESR.
  • Preparatory employment checks to be undertaken in a more efficient and speedier manner, such as the early running of the pre-employment IAT process.