Placement Other specialties

‘Other specialty’ details are now included for placements.

Conditions of Joining confirmation email

Sign a Conditions of Joining form and receive an email confirming it has been submitted successfully.

See placement subspecialties

We now show the GMC-recognised subspecialty for each placement, if applicable.

Introducing Autosave on Form Rs: No More Lost Work!

Autosave will now ensure you don’t lose any edits while drafting a Form R.

Easily start over with a Form R

You can now discard a draft Form R, allowing you to start again with a fresh one.

Better Help

Better support for users of TIS Self-Service.

Placement: Site Known As

We have included the ‘Site known as’ field for placements to help to distinguish between similarly named sites.

Sign your Conditions of Joining

You can now sign the Conditions of Joining for programmes on TIS Self-Service.